Martial Artist / Gym Owner
Great value and great workouts. The workouts change every week and Taco and Anna always answer questions and give great help. If you train with kettlebells you should be in this group!

Jonathan Frost

Martial Artist / Gym Owner
They are very well-structured, starting with a warm-up and stretch session to prepare you for the main workout. This is always followed on with a good mix of cardio and strength work to finish the session on.

Jamie Mac

Love Love Love the workouts. There are so many to chose from and they are easily adaptable to individual skill and strength levels. My favorite are the flow and complex workouts often include moves that help improve mobility!! And no way in heck can you beat the price !!!


The Inner circle is an outstanding resource. The KB workouts and the group of athletes are fun & motivating. I highly recommend it.

John Rufe