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Use Common Sense

ALWAYS use common sense with any information provided to you on our website, to give you an example, if we are slamming a sledgehammer into a tyre like a madman and you have never done this before, don’t go and attempt the same, do your research, double do your research outside of this website, get a qualified professional to assist you in anything you do, do things with progression and always ALWAYS keep safety in mind as priority number 1. If something doesn’t feel or look right, don’t do it. If you’re not sure or in doubt, ask in the forum or contact me directly.


Forums and other Content Posted by the Public

Please be aware that this is a public website and not everything posted is owned or condoned by us, if you believe someone has violated our trust, please be a good community member and report the content plus offender to us.


Progress Safely and Slowly

Just because you see someone performing 500 reps, wearing a weight vest, and snatching two heavy kettlebells, doesn’t mean you can do the same, always progress to something slowly and safely over time.