After you have purchased your kettlebell workout or subscription from our online shop you will get access to all the workout information and videos. You need to be logged in to the website with the user account that you created during the checkout process. If you forgot your password, you can reset it here.


Workout Link

You should have an email in which you’ll find the link to the workout you purchased. You can also click on your profile icon (top right when logged in) and select Sessions, this will show all workout sessions you purchased.


Workout PDF

With the order of your workout comes a PDF, you can download that within 7 days of your order, make sure to store the PDF safely on your computer.


Workout Videos

All your videos are accessible from the workout link. When you click on that link you will see the first page of what we call a Session. A session contains all the videos you need to complete your workout, i.e. all or most of the following videos:

  • warm-up technique
  • workout technique
  • common mistakes
  • alternatives and progressions
  • programming
  • prep work explained
  • prep work
  • follow-along warm-up
  • follow-along workout
  • follow-along cooldown

On this first page, you can click Start Session, Resume Session, or go straight to a lesson under Session Content.

Under Session Content the structure is as follows:

  • Workouts Details [Workout Name]
  • Learn More [Workout Name]
  • Warm-Up [Workout Name]
  • Workout [Workout Name]
  • Cooldown [Workout Name]

These are lessons. Under those lessons will find some or all of the following topics/videos:

  • Workouts Details [Workout Name]
    • Text
  • Learn More [Workout Name]
    • Common Mistakes Video
    • Alternatives And Progressions Video
    • Programming Video
    • Muscles Used Video
    • Additional Videos
  • Warm-Up [Workout Name]
    • Warm-Up Technique Video
    • Prep Work Explained Video
    • Warm-Up Follow-Along Video
    • Pre Work Follow-Along Video
  • Workout [Workout Name]
    • Workout Technique Video
    • Workout Follow-Along Video
  • Cooldown [Workout Name]
    • Cooldown Follow-Along Video

Once you click on Resume Session, Start Session, or select one of the lessons under Session Content, the interface will change to a more focused and clean interface. You can always return to the main website by hovering over your profile icon in the top right corner and selecting Session Home.


Workout Interface

The interface is as follows:

  • Top
    • Percentage complete (how many videos you watched out of those available)
    • Mark as done (marks the current view as done)
    • Your profile icon
  • Left menu
    • The first menu option takes you back to the main page
    • The rest of the menu options show what’s available to you in this session
      Note that any menu item with an arrow pointing down can be expanded by clicking on it
  • Right main content
    • Title
    • Breadcrumb menu
    • Content
    • Navigation links
      • Back to Session
      • Previous Lesson
      • Mark as Done
      • Next Lesson


Workout Certificate

Most workouts come with a Cavemantraining certificate that you can download, print, and share on social media. The certificate will only be available after you have marked all lessons and topics as Done.


Group Discussion and Forums

Some workouts will have a group and/or forum associated with them to discuss and post results for the workout. You can use this to post your results for the workout so you can keep track of your progression. To access these groups, hover over your profile icon and select Groups.