We design the world’s best and unique kettlebell workouts. We film our workouts, and we provide everything that you need to learn how to perform the workout and/or progress to more advanced exercises. Each workout has so much info and scaling options that each workout (unless noted otherwise) is suitable for anyone with some basic kettlebell knowledge. We make these workouts available as videos that stream from our website to wherever you want to watch it, on your phone, tablet, laptop, or another device with internet access. If your device/browser has casting abilities then you can watch the videos on the big screen.

We also provide a detailed PDF that you can download, print, and take with you to perform the workout.


You can:

  1. Buy individual workouts
  2. Become a member and receive access to a new workout each week
  3. Buy a library of workouts and have enough for a year
  4. Perform workouts at home as a regular kettlebell enthusiast
  5. Buy workouts to run in your gym with your group or individual clients
  6. Buy workouts as a personal trainer to learn and provide more value to your clients


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Direct Workout Access

After you complete the payment process you will have access to the content immediately. There is no need to worry about storage or forgetting your workouts as you can access the content anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. You do have to download the workout PDF, but even that you can email so that you have it on your phone or any other location that you are working out.

You can watch the videos for as long as your membership is valid, or for as long as is indicated on the purchase. You can watch the video as many times as you like within our fair use policy, which is a policy that no one ever had to worry about but has been put in place to avoid people sharing their content and watching the videos 100 times simultaneously, etc. You can check the fine print of the fair use policy here.


Beginner Use Case

A beginner with some basic knowledge of kettlebell training purchases the weekly workouts and:

  • Watches each video included in the session but in particular
    • Warm-Up Technique
    • Workout Technique
    • Common Mistakes
    • Alternatives And Progressions
    • Programming
  • Decides to replace some of the exercises in the workout with the alternatives provided
  • Adjusts the workout programming to scale the workout down
  • Plays the follow-along warm-up and warm-up while watching the video
  • Plays the follow-along video and works out while watching the video and implementing the changes
  • Plays the follow-along cooldown video and stretches while watching the video

The following week the beginner repeats the workout and:

  • Watches the technique videos again
  • Watches the common mistakes again
  • Performs the same session again but also decides to record the workout
  • Reviews the video and compares it against the exercises demonstrated in the technique and alternatives video
  • Makes notes about the changes and corrections to implement

The following week the beginner repeats the workout and:

  • Watches the technique videos again
  • Performs the same session again and records the workout
  • This time the recording of the workout is submitted in the group/forum for feedback
  • Feedback and corrections are provided on the video

The beginner has a list of corrections to work on and repeats the process until those corrections are made. The beginner is at some stage ready to complete the workout as it was programmed and made huge progress.


Intermediate Use Case


Advanced Use Case


Personal Trainer Use Case

A personal trainer with kettlebells purchases the workouts package for personal trainers and:

  • Studies the technique videos
  • Studies the common mistakes video
  • Studies the alternatives and progressions video
  • Studies the programming video
  • Writes the workout for the client with any alternatives or scaling adjustments if required
  • Demonstrates the exercises to the client
  • Gets the client to perform the warm-up and workout
  • Gets the client to perform the cooldown


Gym Use Case

A gym with kettlebells purchases the workouts package for gyms and:

  • Chalks the workout from the PDF on the whiteboard
  • Casts the technique videos on the big screen for the clients to follow
  • Casts the follow-along videos on the big screen for the clients to follow

Over a period of time, the coaches at the gym will have learned a new set of kettlebell exercises and will be able to design workouts based on those exercises.