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You don’t need more than one kettlebell to do these workouts. Having more than one kettlebell is going to be your best option for building strength, but if you’re just starting out then you can get away with just one kettlebell. Even our double kettlebell workouts will be explained so that you can do it with just one.

You can purchase individual workouts without setting up a subscription. Individual purchases do not include educational material, group support, motivation, certificates, Q&A, personalized coaching, and more.

As long as you have an internet connection you will be able to access the content that has been released to you. Once you cancel your subscription you will still have access to what was published, but future content will no longer be available.

Our workouts are designed and modified for all levels. This means that a workout may contain an advanced exercise but alternatives and clear progressions will be provided. For example, when there is double kettlebell work an explanation of how to easily modify it to single kettlebell work will be included. If you have a subscription, you will also always be able to ask questions.

Videos can’t be downloaded from our website but can be purchased from Amazon at a higher price and do not come with any of the additional benefits that a subscription on our website offers. All workout videos on our website are easily accessible from any of your devices as long as you have an internet connection. You can even cast the workout to a TV in your gym.

You don’t need anything special to access our content, you only need an internet connection and a web browser enabled device like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.

You do not need a social media account to be able to use your subscription benefits. For some of the interaction or support features we do use Facebook but this can easily be replaced with email communication.

If you license our workouts as a trainer or gym then you can use our workouts for your clients. You can always use the exercises and their breakdowns for your clients, as long as you don’t copy the workout without a license.

That is not a problem as your subscription will come with lots of educational material that will allow you to learn how to work with the kettlebell and progress to more advanced exercises. All our workouts also come with modifications for beginners if they require it.


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