About Us

About Us

Who We Are

KettlebellWorkouts.Fitness is a sub-division of Cavemantraining. Cavemantraining is the premier online kettlebell education provider since 2009. 

In a nutshell:

  • 15,000+ online kettlebell students
  • 59,000+ YouTube subscribers
  • 20+ kettlebell training books published on Amazon
  • 20+ online kettlebell training courses
  • Online kettlebell certifications
  • 100k+ community members

Cavemantraining is the go to resource when it comes to YouTube videos, online communities, kettlebell books, online kettlebell certifications, online coaching, online courses, and more.

100% Unique

Our approach to kettlebell training and workouts is totally unique and provides an effective and fun approach that will keep you in the kettlebell game for years to come.

Dedicated to Your Success

Cavemantraining is dedicated to your success in kettlebell training. Our programs are designed for progression and in such a way that anyone can do them.

Thinking Outside The Box

Cavemantraining things outside the box and that is expressed in the books, courses, and workouts. Each workout is totally unique and contains some of the most effective combos/sequences/complexes in the kettlebell world.
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